The Grand Mathematical Pushup Workout

Polish mathematician Stefan Banach once called mathematics “the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit.” That’s pretty high praise for a subject most of the Shot of Adrenaline team struggled mightily with throughout school.


Pictured: us just trying to split the check

Now, even though it may not be our favorite subject, we still have a certain fondness for it — see our recent article dedicated to the Fibonacci numbers.

So here we are again, about to give your minds and bodies a good workout all the way around.

This is a full upper-body workout, dedicated to different push up variations.

Now, each variation is going to put your hands in a slightly different position. Though small, these differences will emphasize a different muscle group. You’ll perform the specified number of reps for each exercise, then move on to the next with no rest. You’ll notice throughout the workout that your hands will move further apart, then come closer together, and repeat. That’s basically a workout in the form of a sine wave. Once you’ve completed the first set, rest for 1-2 minutes.

The sets get harder and harder as you move on, so get ready to push yourself! By the end, you’ll be too sore to even work a calculator.

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The Workout

Set 1:

Shoulder width push ups: 1

Shoulder width + 1 inch: 2

Shoulder width + 2 inch: 3

Shoulder width + 1 inch: 4

1-2 min rest

set 2:

Shoulder width push ups: 5

Shoulder width – 1 inch: 6

Shoulder width – 2 inch: 7

Shoulder width – 1 inch: 8

1-2 min rest

set 3:

Shoulder width push ups: 9

Shoulder width + 1 inch: 10

Shoulder width + 2 inch: 11

Shoulder width + 1 inch: 12

1-2 min rest

set 4:

Shoulder width push ups: 13

Shoulder width – 1 inch: 14

Shoulder width – 2 inch: 15

Shoulder width – 1 inch: 16

Have fun with this workout, and remember — when it comes to what you’re capable of in fitness, go with what our favorite Mathlete said:


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