The Pyramid Of Gains Calisthenics Workout

pyramid 1

Some of the most enduring architectural structures in the world are pyramids.  The great pyramids of Giza are more than 4500 years old and still going strong.

In today’s workout we’re going to channel the power of  the pyramids to build a strong and durable body that, though it probably won’t live to be 4500, could keep you happy and active for a long time.

So let’s get to it.

Oh, one last thing, we know the pyramids were built as tombs and we know this this is a really hard workout, but please don’t die. We have some really neat workouts coming up soon we want you to try.


Start the round with 10 push ups, work all the way through the exercises and finish with 1 pull up. Rest 10 seconds between sets and 4 minutes between rounds. Do 4 rounds total.



Skip the rest between sets. Jump to the next exercise immediately.


Take your time to regain your breath between sets, just don’t overdo it.

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